Abastract dream / nightmare

So there’s been a while since the last time I talk about my dreams. And this one is slipping fast. I guess I would try to explain it by abstract terms. Just a collection of fading ideas of what seems to be a risky situation. Like the memories of an old dream I do see myself caught up in a reanactment of that dream but with the knowledge to try it again. With a group of people that I have met through different part of my life, but like an alternative universes their facts are change. I see myself trying to get this girl from Arab origin as many other girls try to get her of my arms. I don’t avoid the party but this time the party comes to me, I found myself in the secret party room, the one I found on my last dream that the whole party was done.

Then I am like in this concert with a huge LED wall bring as fuck and see some high school friends in white hot to the teeth. We exchanging pictures but like always mutherfucker’s don’t know how to take a picture so I will do it myself.

Before all that I am trying to get through trips of deformation and black magic that make zombies of my friends. I see some knowledge of themselves but in the bottom they are all death. I am faking this trust with who I know he is a killah, so who is cheating who. I am ready to run away just before the luck start to turn and I am timing on the first mutherfucker that let it go.