FLISOL 2011 by Lesthack

I’ll quote and translate this post from Lesthack on his blog. Giving a roundup of what this last months raising awareness of the event and how it evolved up to the day of launch.

On 2011 is the 7th year that the Latinamerican Festival of Free Software installations takes place in Latin America and Spain, and we are proud that the number of locations this year came to a wooping 260. Althought there were some locations that for some reason they couldn’t come through, or locations that did had an event but didn’t register on the website.

Mexico this year had a great 53 locations documented on the official wiki of FLISOL, surpasing this year to the ones before and waiting on the next years to increment even more.

This year new people were involved in the national chapter for Mexico including Jorge Luis Hernandez (Lesthack), Alexandro Colorado (JZA), Joshua Laister (Nierox) and Enrique Rodriguez (TheKiken), and sometimes it wasn’t enough, we started to take action by inviting people to participate more interactively on the mailing list [1] and on the IRC [2].

Between meetings in IRC and Skype, and between some glitches, we could put together a plan with action items like improving the way the coordination was currently running.

We improved the website mainly the one for the Mexican chapter, within the constrain of the MoinMoin wiki and carrying an old version, we were able to improve it giving it more dynamic and graphical interfaces, we classify the information on a better way, to make it more readable and easy to go through.

With the goal to rescue some of the chapter from previous years, we had a direct contact with the local organizers to verify their current situation, sometimes we made a difference.

At the end the range of action could have been expanded however there were other things to consider. The work was made from the National Chapter is mainly a work of love, and with other matters like school and work, there needs to be able to find a hole in a schedule so we can fit in this issues.

We are doing a good job, the 2012 Flisol is still ahead of us, is the time to bring some action, forget the discussions that separate one place from the next and work togethers are embassadors of Free Software.

We still don’t know if next year the number of locations will increase not only in Latin america but around the world, we don’t know if is possible retake and rebuild the name of FLISOL, what we do know is that we want to let people know about alternatives that are open as well as new proposals and interaction between us.

Thanks to everyone that made FLISOL 2011 possible, also, we welcome the invitation to organize next year event, at FLISOL 2012.

Nice post and I agree with everything he said, we do have some challenges that has to do with the long period of time between events. Here is where some real work needs to be talked about to mantain these locations for next year and also convince them to produce other events beyond FLISOL like the SoftwareFreedomDay.

We also want to handle the network to come up with ideas of building local tours around the city giving talks to audiences that otherwise would be hard to get like, high schools and Jr High from different parts of the city.

Even if FLISOL 2011 already past, it really hasn’t, there still a lot of work that we need to evaluate and see if there is things that we are still missing or that we are just simply underperfoming.

Let’s try to bring the network more in touch with each other and help build the relationships we need to make this FLOSS community prosper.