OOo4Kids 1.2 is out

This week OOo4Kids saw the light  of day however there are still some things that we need to go through to call it a formal release. Here I will try to push some of the biggest difference between the previous release.

As always there is a good deal of fixed bugs, the ones that I saw more useful was the UI fixes on the cursor. Thanks to Eric Bachard, Benjamin Vialle and Clement Delafargue for the cursor mode on Impress annotation mode. There was a geat deal of work on the Startcenter thanks to Phillips Lohman. Bibliography module had some work arounds as well and some fixes on the windows installer.

The biggest change is also getting rid of the java library javaldx, javacontext, libjvmaccess, libjvmfwk which add a lot of memory heaviness to the original OOo. Well what you expect? is Java.

There were some new locales added, specifically the greek locale, and a por to the ARM processor which has been a HUGE thing specially given that many cellphones and mobile devices carry the ARM7 architecture.

These seems to line up most of the work fom OOo4Kids, we hope more contributions come in the future.