Massacre in Norfolk

So today was pretty hard for me to wake up, the issue with that is that I will wake up and then go back to sleep burrying in my mind the initial dream. The dream I had today was something also a bit of bizarre. I was interacting with some people about something I can’t remember that much. The dream was much richer but only a keyword really stoke out right now. I was thinking about conservationism and also some cruel costumes I saw on the National Geographic/Discovery Channel network.

Norlandic people killing seals as a form of celebration, and my whole dream was about looking it up in Wikipedia or Google Maps. I am not even sure if its in Norway really but it definitly is happening.

Update: I actually did research some now in the real world and yep, Norway and CANADA is one of the biggest baby seal hunters in the world. And no there is no place called Norfolk. However there even government sponsor Seal Clubbing events and even some nasty jokes about making Seal clobbing a national sport, of course is a joke. But still, this reminds me of the issues covered by The COVE, where there is a huge illegal rign of countries hunting and killing dolphins and whales.

Then again the irony is this, the overexplotation is that they are killing acuatic mamals, but the trusth is that there is over explotation of every animal source, whenever is Swordfish, Sharks, or Tuna fish. There is just an increasing deregulation of the open ocean hunting. At the same time however, land animals, mainly pork chicken and beef is another source of over explotation. But if you think I am going to get in the veigean side, there is also a huge explotation of land used for farming, which is mainly crops like Corn, Weath and fruits. Not to mention the whole GMA and large consumption of sugar corn syrup in every other processed product.

So I got a bit derailed with this, but the issue still at large, that most of the true sources of food are being wasted for industry standarized sources. I am always keen into trying new things like ostrich meat instead of cattle, or some rare fish, but the natual way of growing crops and the over industrialized way of burning down rainforest in the name of ‘progress?’. Seems like burning oil plants in order to clear the land.