Traveling through the jungle

Wow it’s been a while since I blog my dreams, maybe because I haven’t got much to blog about but today’s dream was very interesting and a bit frightening. Is about all the stuff that happens on our back yard and these remote areas where there is a  lot of biodiversity all over the place. The thought of a these jungles full of species that are weird to the eye and your brain can’t identify as much, full of repitles and snakes and things that u really don’t know what are you looking at in this jungles that are not so remote from your town, makes you wonder how much u don’t know about your environment.

So I am from Villahermosa, a city in the state of Tabasco, one of the most prolific states and abundand in water and rainforest. Althought most of the rainforest is already eaten by mankind there still this jungle called Lacandona. So for seemly an unknown reason I start thinking about traveling from Cancun to Villahermosa and the bus stoping at this almost desertic jungle where we need to walk through the jungle. The images are so real that is what makes it shocking fulll of animals that my mind created and well having this half horror half fasitnation of meeting some population with really primitives and completely foreign costumes.

I start listening to rumors about adults being denied to keep walking with their children and letting the children do the walking path first, and then the adults. Others about eating this magic frog like creature. And some rapids in the middle of the jungle of this brown water which is too ill to drink without filtering.

All in all this makes it a really unhospitable place. I doubt the real jungle is like the one in my dream, but it seemed so real, almost like a national geographic special, that just made me awe.