ENLI the good the bad and the ugly


So after a good part of the week and weekend in Puebla. I had some good experiences, some sour and others a bit tedious. But let’s go step by step, the event was good although more college like than professional.

The college however went as smooth as expected. With lots of speakers, and a good amount of sessions and workshops the event was quite good. I most say however that many conferences suffered changes, delays and cancelations which was also expected.

The audience was also mildly dissapointing with very limited knowledge of FLOSS and this was something I was hoping it wouldn’t happened but having an audience that stares at you with a blank face is a bit annoying. Hoever to be honest the real event comes after the conferences when we all geeks tend to geek out and have interesting conversations about development, industry issues and how to solve them.

Now the really ugly came yesterday with trip back home when I miss my flight and spend lots of money on stupid bus trips from mexico city and back. Had a whole day wasted and the worst part, the Heat lost versus the Knicks.

Well right now I am waiting on the bus and hope I can sleep in my bed tonight.