Getting into local and national events

 So it seems that there wont be any major international trip coming up. Since the debacle between Berlin and Los Angeles leaving me with none of the trips. I need to find what national options will be coming soon. ENLi seems to be one of the next ones as well as some local events like FLISOL. I want to make a good job so I am getting into the national organization of the event. There seems to be many areas where I can push the event and get it more organized.

With the new release, 3.3 has been dealing with some issues including a problem that is not verified but if it is, would be pretty harsh. The dictionaries are not really installing properly into the suite and this can become a big deal.

Today I was able to send the new version of my talk for ENLi and it seems it will be the same talk that I gave at C4Xpo but this time with more content and better prepared including the recording of the talks. The topic would be about how to actually get into the code, and not just appreciate freedom for the no cost constant in FLOSS but also the freedom of using and learning from the code. The goal of the presentation is to get people more motiviated into roll over their sleves and start coding. I would try to put a mirror on the audience and revealed how useless they have been in the local development spirit. Will compare the country to relative countries and see how important is for us to take leadership positions.

On FLISOL, there has been a different tasks, is importnat that I was invovlved with FLISOL in the beginning and is this leadership spirit tha is driving me to coordinate the national level of FLISOL.

Here is some of the events that I have been puting for flisol. Explain how to contribute for real:

  1. Take advantage of the designer skills.
  2. Comunity organizers skills and movilization strategies.
  3. Software developers to participate to prepare the infrastructure.
  4. Media people to put online campaigns.
  5. Multimedia editors to record  and produce videos online.

I hope we can get this setup done and distribute around the local chapters. It would be tough but also would be fun.  Hope that we can get this setup also with local universities in Cancun. I am hopeful they will be interested with the project and inspired with what other universities have been doing.