Dream of going away

Yesterday I had an interesting dream about getting a ticket to europe. The dream actually started with me getting on a non fueled poweres smart type of car. Driving behind the airport into a more exclusive area only for the KLM and Air france flights.

To be honest the lounge looked more like a Nike shop meet a theatre with the main exit directly to the aiplane hanger. However I never saw the planes. I went to the ticket desk and ask fort flights and got multiple KLM and Air France flights. The best time was for AF so I’ve just got it and left. After steping out I saw the ticket for 1,205 USD a larger ammount that I had budgetted. Then I wonder why I didn’t get it online and was beating myself about it.

The funny thing is that I went to the KLM site right after waking up to check the flights to Berlin. So I probably won’t  go to Berlin, but I thought it was pretty funny the way I got to play with the idea.