Organizing for the new year the FLOSS way

So a good Free Software new year wishes is to start organizing Free software events for this year. There are several events where we can put our community on the map. Each year events such as Document Freedom Day, Software Freedom Day, FLISOL and the multiple FLOSS applications events. My initial thought is to cover them via streaming, the multiple talks in different places and countries makes me impossible to look this as a phisical thing but more as a broadcasting thing. Tunning in on a specific hour to a on-going talk about the relevant event seems like the best thing to start going at it.

Things like an on-going IRC channel for the different “ES” regions that can just connect during that day and have a distributed conversation about the events seems like the best idea. However organizing small events is also something I would like to get involved and see what can be done in that area as well as get involved with networking of geeks in my local area.

Some of the issues is that I am new to the area, also my geek friends are increasing but not at the rate that I would have expect at first. So I would like to have a stronger social network that come together into making more geeky things through the network. Also having some more spare change wouldn’t hurt. Being able to access to university resources, tackle on innovation from a larger userbase like maybe a school or medium company that can get involved into providing a cookout or a location that we can all collaborate on making it better. This remind me of a place like LinuxCabal where in Guadalajara was very very active, this gave us a great position where we can all geekout.

I guess my larger goal is to have that people and have that place to geekout and strenght the geek metropolitan network. Till next time, these events will tell if I made it or not.