Wikipedia 10th anniversary

So today was Wikipedia 10th anniversary celebration world wide. 10 years in the tecnology world is like a whole era, and having a community project such as this has been incredible. Since it caught me by surprise, little I did to have a local celebration of wikipedia celebration. However the list was interesting and there were plenty of events in Mexico. However there were also other activities going on specially in the virtual space. So I did attend the IRC room and the facebook sites as well as some of the hashtags. However some of the interesting things that I did was actually using it. Spending time in the site and the more lesser known projects of the Wikipedia Foundation specially the specialized products.


There are interesting stuff going on on these sites and spending time getting to know it will definitely help you out in the future. Things like WikiNews, WikiSource, Wikiquotes, Wiki Commons and others. I particuarly liked the Wikiversity which is a complete school program full of information for every level.

Things like the Wikibooks is also another specialized site that will provide a whole library of ebooks published under a free license. Is interesting for authors that want to get a book out there for everyone to enjoy.

Wikispecies has also more scientific information and biologist might find it amazing repository of information that could help and they can provide the preservation of quality information about our world and the species living in those ecosystems.

Jimmy finally thanked everyone involved with the project and gave it’s video to the general public and published on the wikimedia site. My biggest quote was a testimony of what I experienced recently with wikipedia and other sites like google:

One of the most important experience with wikipedia was when I was talking with a friend. I remembered an episode from my childhood of Twilight Zone. An obscure episode from my childhood memories that I was chatting about, after doing a search wikipedia had a list of all the episodes and I could rescue the exact episode information Within minutes I was able to watch Wikipedia again. Thanks Wikipedia for reviving my childhood memories.

Thanks Wikipedia for 10 years of incredible information and sharing the narrations, quotes and valuable information that have helped everyone.