Freaky dreams

So today I slept a lot and I dream a lot, funny, before going to sleep I was talking with a friend about freaky dreams based on the music I play while I sleep. I had this station that plays space-like ambiance, and the music is more like a collection of sounds that sounds very deep. Still the dream came to be really freaky as it seems a bit like inception but horizontal. So instead of being an endless world of dreams withing dreams it was more like a loop of the same dream in paralel worlds. Which I either play or observe the heroes trying to either escape from a city about to be hit by holocaust. From a huge Tsunami hitting new york city-like place in the near future, to a Aeon Flux type of sci-fi world that is about to be destroyed and the bio enhacemnts of the citizens seem to be useless. And also had one that was more of a waterworld with water mines covering the sunlight within the acuatic world.

Whatever the dream was, seems to have a tragic ending with the hero diying or survivng just to watch the destruction and then die alone. Anyway the dreams were freaky because they follow the same path, althought things change, the result was the same. So I guess that the dreams were interesting nevertheless because not everyday I get to dream with sci fi like this. I find it very creative on this worlds with human-like personas interacting, and well I am not a sci fi nerd to be honest, so the fact that I get this is a bit of a surprise.

Anyway the dream eventually vanish and I can’t really remember the details just the fact that they were also very clever and not just a plain story. It was entertaning and even thoght it was scary it was like a concious scary. Like if I am going to die at least will be during the last days of this world. Remember the wish of seen everything as it was being wipped out by the water on that tsunami or going to the surface to try to catch this last scene of infinite bombs just covering the ocean.

Anyway I don’t normally blog about dreams but I guess since I am putting so much effort trying to reconstruct my blog, and I don’t really blog much about myself compared to other topics, I guess I will ink this one out. Maybe later I could value it as it should.