Documentation meetup at IRC

So today I am live blogging my meetup with the guys from the Spanish documentation project. We will try to re-define the process to have a better implementation of the process that we use for documentation.

-0:20  First atendee came through to the meetup.
-0:15 Most of the attendees came through already mostly the part from Spain, we still waiting up on some of the guys from latin america.
-0:07 First atendee from latin america came on.
-0:05 I announce the meeting to start in 5 minutes.
0:03 We start the meeting
0:05 First atendee talked about the status of the site, and the current process. He agree the current process is fine.
0:07 The proponent asked about the orientation of the site should be focused on contributors or admins.
0:11 Discussion about who is right.
0:14 Last atendee came on the meetup.
0:18 Re introduction of the other question regarding colaborators or content.
0:20 Discussion about templates
0:25 Talks about the possible migration to Alfresco
0:30 Question the validity of the list to manage the whole project
0:33 Talk about the possibility to selfassign documents
0:35 Discussion about new and more documentation and how will it affect/benefit users
0:40 Talks about new documentation to explain changes.
0:45 Discussion about a template/guide for localization
0:49 Discussion about the weakness of the security on filesystem level  (any member can delete anything)
0:52 Call for conclusions
0:59 Call for a follow up meetup
1:01 Call for simplicity
1:04 Call for census and list the active members
1:09 Discussion about pulverization of information (wiki, website and worksite)
1:17 Disucssion on the use of the wiki versus website
1:23 Call for archieving up the documents on the website
1:34 Call for a ToDo list (agenda)
1:39 Agreement on Wiki
1:41 Call for conclusion ( clean up the website, list active users, create HTML interface for website, new follow up meetups with agenda)
1:45 Discussion about listing the users
1:46 Meetup wrapup

I think the meeting was somewhat productive, personally I think that we have different way of working together. Some volunteers are focused on a top down reeingneering while others work on incremental changes. Without a mediation on this barrier I think both parties will become frustrated and might missinterprate the discussion.