New Media and Free Software

With the proliferation of New media and the need of more official channels to be communicate the project and innovation to the people out there. First you got big media campaigns that make also a good PR case for many of the vendors like IBM Blue commercials, Apple switch adds and also Microsoft infamous Jerry Singfield commercials.


Mac vs. PCOther vendors that have taken video on a different phase is Google, making tons of videos available on it’s own channels — google video and youtube. Google has been able to constantly make headlines, demos and many other ways to grab the attention of the crowd consistently.These prove to be fairly popular however they also are very expensive. Open source on the other side have tried to make some efforts like Novell’s monikers of Apple switch commercial with a Spin.Mozilla also very interesting videos including Mozilla Japan constant videos about the products, news and tutorials. They have innovate marketing wise in different ways. Unfortunately the videos haven’t resound as much since they were done in japanese. You can still see a huge traffic coming from those have had interesting videos being produced now and then, as well as Videos produced by users that have talked about However to make it really take off there should be a more consistant roadmap that marketing wise it can generate value for specific areas. Either the community, the product and or the brand should be consistantly represented.Is being proven that if we can generate value consistantly overtime we could generate some better understanding of the community. Having a clean vision can make the difference between delivering a good result. Here is where a leader in the community will play a big difference but also good creative tallent will be important as advantages are clear for internal members of the community, however outsiders might not be aware of the service, that this community brings to everyone.Having this service consistantly delivered and promoted will make OOo really step above the current stage.