OOo 3.0 is out

In the middle of OOo launch we now have a 3rd release of OOo. For us at OOoES it means the start of new adventures including a OOo 3.0, open for business, e-learning platform and other things that bring more visitors to the site, and give them something to do.Aditionally we are going social, now you can contact multiple OOo community members from around the web thanks to Gtalk gadgets. Probably next month we can go live with this things.Multimedia is another thing we want to launch including more videos and media that you can learn, promote, and present.Right now we are experiencing a huge demand and the site will be restored soon. However having a more AJAXy site might also put the spotlight back into the OOoES site as a framework to work with. Now that 3.0 is out we can start thinking about also some kind of exchange for the multiple OOo tools and utilities.