OOo Innovation Package

For a while we been working on this innovation package from OOo. Call it Open for business or new strategy for education market. But Innovation Package looks real good the way we are assemble it. It looks very very ambicious but as technology evolves and SAAS allow us to deploy services faster and make the impact more dramatically to the organizations.So what is this innovation package? At this time we are evaluating a series of products and services that OOo has had for a while and looking for a way that we can assemble them in a stack. This will allow organizations to adopt the software as an organization.For a while many organizations had required lots of studies and documentation for a way to adopt and Open source in general but a lack of commercial leverage on this product hard to deploy for some invisible reason. Training their staff, integrating to their infrastructure and making it run smoothly are definetly challengsesthat can mark OOo as ready or not for their needs however the offer needs to be set loose  and continously improved.At this point the offer has just became better with this innovation package. Training and giving solutions had make our strategy to make it easier for business to get a better response from business. I’ll be blogging more about it as we solidify the offer and we experience the soon announced deployments. For more information about this innovation package feel free to contact me.