Having a sunday meal

Today I had some food at my aunt house. Meal has been ok so far. Just the random barter, today I plan to make at least 3 videos.I’m looking forward for iphone at the python411. The podcast brought a cool topic into the mix of humane interface and the natural next step of programming.The whole topic was about programming usuing python annd enhancing the new user data entry experience. So we are looking in the end of the keyboard? Highly doubt it. But could make us think new wave of software. Just like the talk about the wii and their games. The touch interface that the iphone put on the map and also a close feature of ui if the touch increase it’s popuarity.So far my whole view of mobility is there but not all that since I’m still get to be most of my day on my desk. However the problem again is the interface. Is too slow and too cumbersome.