Issues, Issues and Issues

So after a honey moon of having this fake life of a good job with good money and very little work reality has stroke finally. Now I am facing a layoff and at the same time I haven’t make much progress with my gf mainly cuz of her midterms. She is a bit pissed at me mainly because of the stress she has been going through. I am not sure if we will make up today but hopefully I will be able to get something that will make her think about me this weekend. So speaking about thinking about me, I have been seriously thinking on how much effort will it be to become ES indeed. I am not ready for the job yet but I am more than happy to keep exploring this possibility. If we get OOo organization out there we might be able to have something pretty cool forming. I am also been a bit optimistic on getting myself out of Mexico with friends actively looking for a job in Europe and US. This will mean that I will be able to have a good window of opportunity to get everything set up before raising to the next level. Today our national CEO talk about how we are growing and opportunities are showing up all the time and we should take advantage of those, at the same time I am on a 60 day notice to get laid off so I guess I really need to start speaking up on things I could do before they either jailed me in a windows environment doing a job I don’t want to do or give me the boot. I really just need more time to foster the money and the development of the next step on what I want from life.