Productive, but crazy week for OOo

So this week was a very productive week for at least for my part. This week I have done quite a lot just to enumerate a few:

  • We got a reported some terminology bugs
  • We got a wiki page improved for the colaboration
  • Publish 2 talks on screencasting for OOo
  • Kickstarted the OOo 2.4 localization process
  • Introduce a couple of volunteers on collaborating with OOo
  • Recieved presentation from Sean on OOo Migrations
  • Hack the script for the documentation on the servers
  • Got a database oriented implementation of the documentation server
  • Wrote a proposal for OpenDocument for the NOM and/or IFAE with AMESOL
  • Wrote a proposal for Bounties for AMESOL
  • Generate a super SDF full of fixes for OOo 2.3
  • Update the buttons for OOo Contributing page
  • Got some tips for my emailer script
  • Got Sandino to write a php script to extract the Thumbnail from ODF
  • Promote my slidecast on 2.3

So it seems it was very active and productive. However, there were some issues in that productive week, starting with OOoES. We had an incident regarding bugs from OOo 2.3; there seemed to be issues with the attitude that some memebers of the community got from the reporting of their bugs.I hope we can get some of the development of OOoES and morale back on track however there seemed to be very damaged conversation as far as spirit of the talk goes.