How good are we asking for help

Make this a cultural thing, or a human behavior or a male behavior but I wonder how good are we when it comes to ask for help. Traditionally men think they are too tough to ask for help, asking for help assumes that you are weak. So when it comes to open source, how good are we in regards to asking for help. We have an organization in Guadalajara (my hometown) called Linux cabal, this organization is all about spreading technology.Today I came to the realization that we have people working for big companies and I bet this companies have no idea of what this organization is and the most important thing is that they might actually care about it. After all we are in the same technology industry. However are we shy? Do we need more recognition, or we just not aware we could have more brand awareness.I am about to do something today and it will be ask for help from the FLOSS projects. I will give an announcement asking for money from the people that gather up today and ask them for a donation of at least 10 pesos to the open source project of their choice. Actually since I am thinking about becoming a proxy for Paypal which is not popular in Mexico, I will limit the options to projects I KNOW take Paypal.So today I know that there are projects such as Gimp, Gnome,, FSF, and KDE who take Paypal, I will ask for donations and see how well that goes. I am interested in raising at least 20 dls which I think it will be enough given that we usually get around 15 – 30 people on the group.I will post back and tell what is the result of my experiment.