What I am doing lately

So lately I been doing some stuff toward re-engineering the community some are more impacting to the community than others but I think that all of them are working ok:

  • Collaboration list on the wiki and re-published at collabnet. It contains a list of skill-set that contributors can get.
  • Finished the Video tutorial for LinuxDVD+ for installing OpenOffice.org in Linux from the website
  • Re-vitalize the chapters project
  • Re-vitalize the “Migration template” for employees.
  • Start the project with the Japanese community for knowledge base
  • Establish the Spanish dictionary in default OpenOffice.org build
  • Got Alberto Barrionuevo and three more volunteers to OpenOffice.org community
  • Build a small network in Ecuador to move to OpenOffice.org
  • Start presentation for what’s new on OpenOffice.org 2.3 in the government

So I hope these things come to a good ending since we are also preparing for Translating 2.4 and we would need a lot of bodies translating this version of OOo.Special thanks to Ariel who reported some bugs in the 2.3 version and we are working on solving them for 2.4.