OOoCon Day 1 – The adventures begins

This day was a bit of a shake-up since I got some results from the computerworld guy which I post earlier. Also have some interesting more technical talks from the ODF track. To have a visual guide of the meetings that were handled that day you should be able to check them out here.So the conference officially started with some changes on the scheuduled and we got the breakfast pushed back for the Louis Suarez-Potts keynote on “ 3.0 and Beyond”.Louis basically sounded more like a part 1 of two presentations which was between the ‘what’s new in 2.3’  and the ‘state of the project’ which was ok because I have to listen to the summary.So Louis basically talk about Red Flag office and IBM jumping in the comunity with us and how to prove this is really a diverse project.He also went on listing some of the features in OOo such as:  MediaWiki support, OOo 100 NLC supported languages, the future of web 2.0 and the impact in OOo, the extension project, and finally ODF and the recent victory over OOXML. Also some changes on the community such as the ODF toolkit, Mozilla Lightning/Thunderbird.The next talk I assist at least was the Chineese Red Flag Office talk on “Beyond Technology, The Chinese Roadmap”, Hu Cai Yong the CEO of Red Flag talk about some of the innovations they did on the code base showing a newly re-designed interface as well as the announcement of the collaboration primarily with Sun and some of the more cultural reasons on why is important to adopt free software for china and how Microsoft has been bluntly disrupting their cultural specific needs and how they can regain this.After these talk we left one of the most beautiful halls we have all ever been and we went into the smaller auditoriums for other talks. One of my personal suprises was joining Ismael Fanlo from the OOoES community. Which he made a couple of jokes on how fake and exagerating sometimes the catalonian generalitat can be about the announcements they did on the use of OOo.The next talk I assisted was “Free software telecentres in Catalonia” by Francesc Rambla which basically talk about the ambicious project of the telecenters. This was rather interesting since I remember this project being mentioned back in the days where I was working in the UK. The biggest challenge really was having a deployed support of the infrastructure. Stablishing a call center and giving hands-on support to all this centers of free software. I actually approach him after the talk and offer to assist him and ask for a follow up on this project. A couple of guys also were interested including Manuel Serrano from openXarxes.Moving on I went into the “ODF Interoperability” talk where I was able to hear Rob Weir expose his concern on the state of ODF and how to support it on a very tightly manner. This means that the support should be also standarized so we avoid breaking documents within all this vendors re implementing the way they parse and render the ODF.This is important since to push the ODF proposition we surely need to be able to do QA not just between but around the different platforms. From Google Docs to KOffice to the new plugins developed for MSO. Really interesting talk and also good experience on them.The next section of the talks were about marketing and both talks Leif and Ben were amazing. This both prove how much difference a single guy can do both at the advertising space as well as the political space. They both have limited time, resources and support and they were able to achieve the goals they set. This is a very strong lesson for everyone that wants to do something and is willing to go beyond the aparent limitations.So Ben’s talk “Case Study: Guerrilla Advertising in the New York Metro Newspaper” was simply amazing. Like I said, very little ammount of resources were able to pull this through. I actually feel proud I donate to his cause and will definetly donate again. He mention also interestig experinence of on-line marketing and how most of the people that talk don’t really have an impact and the donators are usually the silent guys of the croud. He got from 5 to up to 50 dls in donations and eventually was about to pull out the 50,000+ dls that he needed.Right after Ben, Leif came with the talk “Political struggles in Denmark – My experiences”, he made strong points on communication skills and how accurate we need to be on the message we want to provide. Also how to cover your back and research who you give your information to since some of the media could be doing more damage. Another big concern is how to aproach competing parties and make them agree on one common goal.Finally the last talk of the day was “Releasing translation and QA process” which was a join talk between Rafaella Braconi and Joost Andrae. This talks were a bit boring to be honest and well also long, could be also that the jet lag was hitting and that some of the comments when on and on and I am really not that involved or excited about QA. :)I got the chance to meet Aridane which is the language lead from Sun and also a really nice looking female. Although the experience was a bit of a mixed bag. I’ll talk about it later. All in all the first day was very exciting and even thought there were talks I wish I could have gone I am glad that the kiberpipa people got it on tape.A general feeling about this conference is the huge ammount of information comming from everywhere from technical to cultural, to motivating talks and also some disruptive rummors. All in all the OOo conference had a bit of everything.