OOoCon2007 Day 1 – ComputerWorld Fiasco

Wow this was an exciting start of events with many things going on, probably the most important and scandalous has been the ComputerWorld fiasco that was slashdoted yesterday night. So let’s start with aproximately 24 hrs ago when I woke up and I discover an email from a journalist named Todd Weiss.The email seemed like a rushed attempt to get a OOo related news out in time for the official kickoffof the conference. Is pretty funny how the media work since a similar situation happened almost ayear ago.The email basicaly said:

I’m a reporter at Computerworld magazine and would like to ask for your thoughts about a story we are working on today. Can I get your thoughts about this ASAP by Tuesday afternoon?

So me being as open and helpful as I can found myself in too much of a rush to read the posts by Michael Meeks, Andy Upergrove and Doug Heintzman on Sun’s stronghold on the project.So my responses were positive and I saw this as an opportunity to promote the new Extension project. The complete email response is here. However this turned out to be a some very disturbed part of an article with an agenda to attack Sun directly. Todd seemed to have been a very good wordsmith and spin doctor to build his case. The final article is here and he quote me on the context on agreen with whatever HE said and adding more reasons as a something we have to come up to fight back Sun’s evil plans. Maybe my harddest word was bashing out of my whole quote so I guess I wasn’t as spinned as others in this article. I still think this article was completely hype.