OOoCon2007 – The NLC roundtable

NLC grew less in quantity but more in quality of the communities. This mean there was less new communities being form. But more communities reaching level 2 status.Also the localization process experience a high level of interaction this year with a broader number of NLCs and also a bigger platform on deciding which tool to move forward. This topic really got the discussion started with the german community picking up the meeting with some issues regarding the glossary, pootle and the transcoding scripts (po2oo).Brasil also had concerns with the use of a centralized pootle vs a distributed one since they use a dedicated pootle to just not translate OOo but also other things like Firefox.Other issue was the Vasque situation where the translation was pretty much handled by the government and acceptance of external contributors was pretty much a no go as a policy. So working on a centralized pootle with leave them away from the process.The meeting move on with some contributions and comments ffrom myself (and the Spanish community). Specially on the point of constant mentoring so we can get the full knowledge of using this tools. This being particularly important since the new process for translating 2.4 will start by the end of the month.The file format was also a big discussion as PO was debated vs XLIFF and SDF and the very demanded TMX for Omega-T. XLIFF is also being pushed as an OASIS standard.We moved on to other topics such as the use of the wiki as well as guidelines for using categories and sub-folders or namespaces.I made a small proposal on modifiying the wiki so that it looks more like the Collabnet pages. This message moved us on to Collabnet and their infrastructure to protect the security of the project versus the flexibily and hassles to create a more localized NLC project homepage.In the end there was not enough time to air all our pains but there was a lot of points being made and a lot of good things too.