OOoCon2007 – The MarCon meeting

The NLC meeting was followed by the MarCons or Marketing Contact meetings and a lot of good rant was being handled on this meeting.We started the meeting by introducing ourselves and giving a brief summary on the success and failures this year marketing wise for our local area. Italy was one of the most vivid success stories as they had been focused more on a more successful PR campaign getting the Marketing manager from Microsoft fired for the outperformed OOo camp.OOo in italy has become successful with the media reporting good artucles pro-OOo.Brasil had some interesting success stories with Banco do Sour, however comenting on that was a bit slow since I think claudio didn’t had a structured case.Finally there was myself giving a whole list of ‘challenges’ for communicating the OOo brand to all the different countries in Latin America as well as Spain.Recruiting new members from other successful open source project like FLISOL which has become very successful reaching into the latin american market. And OOo can leverage on this projects.Also the No OOXML was the big elephant in the room and was definetly the biggest thing going on worldwide.We talked a lot about momentum and development opportunity, messaging oportunity as well as a big chance to make a big precence in the Web 2.0 era.