2.3 gets RC3 2.3 is very close to be released, soon we will have the final version with some awesome features. Some of these features include:

  • New Chart Module
  • Export to Blog
  • Improved Scripting Framework
  • Enhaced security on Macros
  • Improved implementation for regression curves
  • Report Builder extension for Base

Other features also come from the improved extension framework as well as extensions poping out here and there. One of the most crazy extensions that captivate me was the Google Docs export and also the Writer tools extensions that include cool things like GeoTagging, google translate and other features.


With more and more extensions getting build I have no doubt that will conquer the world in just a few years. As far as I know the innovation spiral will come soon for OOo with integration to other applications like Project Management as well as business intelligence applications.The next step would be the accounting financial application that will provide complete compatibility with OpenDocuments as well as high level mathematical formulas.