Getting ready for a last attempt to get Irina back

So after a lot of tears love and anger dropped during the past 3 weeks this relationship is hitting a definitive point tonight. Make up or break up and it seems the pendulum is already set on moving on with our lives. However this will be the first time that I call her and hear her voice for the first time in several months.So far I have written and even rehearse my talk to her, 15 points I want to touch. I also want to gather all this data on how our relationship came to this point. Finally I want to understand the future for us, for all the love that we leave behind and how can we interoperate in a simple friendship.We both were friends way before we were romantic to each other, however we were always open and have the same mentality and share a lot of common moods. I wish I could continue that vibe but now it seems hard since there is someone else, and there is this feeling of … I remember seen you naked.Also if as a boyfriend we couldn’t talk, imagine now that we have nothing to do with each other. There would be no time and now even her free time she will spend with her new find partner.This is extremely painful even if I write it, and I guess I haven’t get it over. This is the second time we broke up, the first one I was able to keep very cool after the breakup but for some reason now is different. Now she is not leaving me but changing me for someone else, also there is this long history that we share and also the thought that we could have something more than a simple relationship.So now I think that I will be able to at least end up in good terms, the problem is that I don’t feel I can get her back for the reason that I wont be able to be with her and it would be the same pain we have been gone through.Let see how everything behaves and maybe, just maybe we will be together once again in Spain.