Today on Linux Cabal


Today was a good but stressing day in LinuxCabal, we had a good session and nice talks like always. I sit down with a guy trying to get Ubuntu on his HP laptop. After that he manage to get Beryl and some mp3 codecs. I also learn a command for apt-get which is:apt-get show php5This will look for packages on the apt-get repositories. I also explained a guy how to manage his webserver and get a wiki, a forum and a blog on the server. He manage to configure his mysql app with the mysql_secure_installation script.There was also a big discussion on the events of M$ and OOXML and I had the chance to talk about the site and my presentation on slideshare. I talk about the site for Mexico and all the multiple posts at Cofradia regarding OOXML.I also had a chance to talk about some of the things going on with PyUNO script for the OOo extensions. The extension will contain a TextBox a ListBox and 2 buttons on one dialog. The point is to make the user an easy way to register to the mailing list straight from their OOo.The code however still no perfect and I need to learn how to get data within the ListBox. The python script so far contains the description of the widget but not actual data:# List Historical examinated objects : ListObja_list= dialog_model.createInstance('')a_list.PositionX = 30a_list.TabIndex = 14a_list.Width = 100a_list.Height = 12a_list.PositionY = 25a_list.HelpText = self.gui_rsc['ListObj']a_list.Dropdown = Truea_list.LineCount = 15a_list.Tag = ''dialog_model.insertByName('ListObj', a_list )So the point is to be able to insert some data so that the user can see the many lists that exists.