Going back to listen manager-tools

For the ammount of podcast I listen to and the podcasts I can’t get to listen to, I have given up on a couple of really great podcasts. One is Killer Innovation podcast and the other one is Manager-Tools.So after a talk with a friend I will start listening again to Manager-Tools. This podcast has accumulate a lot of episodes and I think is real worth it. So Manager tools, here I come. Now I download and listening to “How to take notes” on manager tools.Now we will see how to get into note-taking since I want to actually apply some note-taking on the podcast I am listening to:So what does this podcast is about? What is the porpouse of taking notes? How can we classify the notes on?

  • notes’s mission is to take action.
  • be selective
  • use symbols
  • use abreviations
  • drawings and diagrams
  • Note typing

The average person talks about 144 a minute, but the average person writes about 25 words a minute. So being selective is key when you are having this. The problem is that too many people writes too much. Who, what and when?Take notice on:

  • WHO? job related to you
  • WHEN? deadlines
  • WHAT? job titles/description — main point

You don’t participate on the meeting when yo make notes, so make sure to write as little as possible.Use abreviations because you want to write less, and because you want to capture a keyword as oppose to a sentence. Notes doesn’t need to legible for anyone but YOU.Symbols are used extensibly and is usually about action. Having a standarize symbol pattern based on category. Make them simple and not very complex enough to advance. Symbols such as, clouds, circle, box, the goal of symbols is SAVE TIME.Drawing diagrams is a bit more spacial and more used to describe a process or a sequence. Picture work enough for you to remember enough to take action.Note typing, laptops can be highly distractive, and about typing creates more words but doesn’t simulate memory, kills symbols or drawings. Also is a bad imagine since it seems that you are not engaged.