Ode for a come back

So yesterday I went to bed around 4 or 5am. I spend the night listening to some Sunday podcasts until pretty late. Once I decided it was late enough and wouldn’t be a problem to fall asleep, I was discover how wrong I was. I couldn’t sleep at all and the thoughts of my ex-gf haunt me and some weird sense of inspiration guide me to write her and write her in verse. My eyes were closed I was already in bed but I keep having this word association of what I was trying to tell her, after a few minutes I discover that this was more than just the average nostalgia of rhyming but a true sense of driving verses. I don’t write in verse that much unless I really feel strong and inspired about things. Even to my gf, takes a lot of feeling accumulated to get into the trance of just deliver my feelings into verse.Even thought I used to write a lot of rhymes as every hip hop kids, I no longer carry my book of rhymes and the inspiration comes even more seldom but this time was it. So I create what I called “Ode for a come back” — no it wasn’t an ode in the strict literal sense although it came close to be.Baby I love youbut i can barely touch youwith my heart in my handI can’t tell u enough how much I love ubut u kill me babyon July 27my heart crumble into pieceslike the towers in 9/11with the feel of disbeliefwhat happen to my babythe person who make me freeand shook my world crazywhat later came aroundwas too hard to explainwhen you told me actually foundsomeone else that made your dayThe world I got into believewas vaporising through the airwhen I try to grab it strongerthe farther it dissipatesI felt so impotentso insecure of my worldwhat was solid as a rocknow I saw it blow in smokeIn my mind I can clearly listenwhy I never have to worryas long as I keep my feelingsand keep faith on thiswhat happened to the thoughts”I cant imagine getting touch by someone else”What happened to the hopeof seeing your green eyes againand escaping together to the U.S. of AI even remember the excitement in your voicethe day before your birthdaywe just had so much joyBut things changeand now you don’t accept meeven if u think that I am the truthu just turn around and left meNow is there’s no regards?not a single drop of hope?of feeling you in my armsbaby this is wrongcuz u know that we belongwhat happened to all the signsof Boyz II Men up at the storedo u really have the strengthto just forget and let me goIs not logical, just look at uswe are couple who best songtalk’s about forgivness and make upand we aint able to do so?look me in the eyesand tell me I aint got soulwhen our chemistry is so perfectwe just talk and we just bondI love you babyI wont forget you babyI will always be your gfand seal it with a kiss for me babyI will change up this worldjust say the wordsand just like Whitney HoustonI am gonna run…runWhat happened to usever since you left mexicoI never got back any callsevery time was just dramawhere have never beenand just 3 month before dramayou were the one paging menow u dont have time for menot even a callevery time I get thruyou yell at me that I am wronglike R Kelly songand when a woman’s fed upit ain’t just nothing you can do about itis like running out of loveAnd then it’s too late to talk about itnow I am laying alone on my bedthinking about all the things I mess up therewhy I didn’t left when I couldI would had fly straight to youI will enter in your room and make love to uis truethis is my ode for a come backdon’t mess with hearts of men that love harddon’t expect this soul to just go downjust yetThis is me holding our kidsasking you not to walk away