Advocating for an Art Project

So I have been very busy with OOo regardless of the lack of news on the matter. Firstly I am doing some hacking, some advocating, and some translating. First of I have been working on having an independent Art project which will basically provide more freedom to attract designers and artists to provide for OOo.There is an original Art pet project under Marketing. The problem is that there is no strong leadership, usually is inherited by the marketing team which is also not the most stable. Another reason is that this project is stalled most of the time. The rate of desinger that become 1-time poster is a serious indicator that they never could figure out what to do.Gaining independence from the Marketing will improve the dynamism on the project, attract new designers and will highly encourage many designers to stay with the project and contribute.Other things I have been doing has to do with the translation of OOo in Spanish, having Spanish OOo community more in tune with the general OOo tasks is a good thing. However this also add complexity and skills to all of us. So I end up with a 3000+ string to translate. It was a good thing that at least I have 1 other volunteer to help out.Finally there has been some hacktivism going on with the No OOXML campaign which seems to be shaping up quite well. I hope things eventually blossom into something good.