Getting ready for RHEC

With the recent GO of getting the Red Hat Engineer Certification, I will be able to finally come to the realization of getting a piece of paper saying that I know what I know. But I am being pretty caution on this one since I will need to bang on topics that might not be very current. I think my current stage for the exam is a bit less than functional. Basically I still finding little gaps on my knowledge for every the very basic things like partitioning, filesystems, installation and configuration of services and terminals.So I got 1 month to cover and polish my knowledge on all this stuff, I am using my other server to provide the data to update on the different topics such as ACL, LVM, Raids, Extended Attributes, and many other stuff.The next step will be the configuration of services such as Samba, DNS, FTP, HTTPD, SSH and many others. I hope we kick ass next month. But for now I need to do very tiny but sure steps.