Best gift for my Bday

hey!happy birthday!i’m having a really short break now, and i really did a big sacrifice to be able to catch some weird bus to get to the freaking library which is so far. and it’s so hot, so i can get to the internet cuz it’s ur birthday……..just wish u a happy birthday, i send u muchos bessos. mi monito fheo.take care of u pls.i luv u a lot. i really need u so much sometimes….luvkiss

This was by far the best gift I received today, totally unexpected. I was so happy when that email came and a bit frustrated because I didn’t catch it right away. But never the less I can tell you that this girl is still mine. It’s been almost 2 months since I last heard of her, and having her sent me that email clear a bunch of my pain that I was getting from thinking that I was loosing her. Yet she got me a big surprise when I got her email.totally awesome… I am the happiest guy!