Happy Bday to me

So today is my bday, again the mixed feelings of hapiness and realization that I am an old man. I am about to hit 30, (just turn 29) and well I still live with my parents…. haha actually I dont. Yet right now I came back home to visit my sister graduation and found out that my bday hit that same week so I stayed a bit longer.Then again I am almost 30, I don’t have really any thoughts, is just another year, I am getting older, I have felt stuff that makes me think that I older yet I still want to go and play basketball like I was still in high school, no difference.I been doing some swimming while I am here and at least in the water I am still the same. I also feel like I was 21 or somethig, nothing really changed.Is a weird feeling, on the flip side I guess I achieved a lot this year, I stayed the whole year in mexico but at least I wasn’t alone. My girlfriend came here to visit me, we had a great time traveling, I got a good job and my adventure in guadalajara and I got to travel to the US once again.I also gave many talks around the country and well I guess I have had fun which is the most important thing.