Zombie Weekend


This weekend could be classified as a zombie weekend. Why you ask? Well it was feature pack with movies about Zombies. From zombies in the future in Mars to american zombies to british zombies. The funny thing is that in all movies there is a path that Zombies never die. No movie completely got rid of the Zombies, they all in the end Zombies overcame either nuke bombs, or transend through water. It also portrait the human society reaction versus a threat like this. The movies by the way were:

I didn’t plan on these movies except for the Dawne of the death, but I think it was nice to finally watch some thrillers since I have been watching way too much comedy and girly girls movies thanks to TNT and Universal. Another thing about zombies is that before zombies used to be slow walking beings however all these new zombies are fast, they run hop and desperately try to get you. Very different zombie from the ones on Resident Evil for example where they were pretty slow. The cool thing is the ammount of guns on these movies, heavy military power seems useless to kill this beings even the impresive air napalm over London couldn’t do much. Anyway enough about Zombies, hope to talk more about non OOo and more personal stuff that happens in my life just to add more variety to the content.