The Web 2.0 Talk

Today session at LinuxCabal was a talk about Web 2.0 the talk was given by Steph Phillips. The surge and the fall of web and how in the beginning 1992 a lot of internet startups were created. Software companies like Yahoo and Amazon were gaining a lot of users and the number of this internet enterprise grew exponentially. Most of these companies went public making a huge outtake on the stock market.Web 1.0 came to a fall on 2000 because the way these companies grew on the stock market making them very volatile and approach to what was known the Web bubble burst. After more than 4 years of relative stagnation now a new wave of companies are growing and generating what is now been called Web 2.0.Web 2.0 is more about the content, costumer created content is what is driving this new companies on things such as social network, intercommunication exchange and the sell of information.  Business wise, companies are more careful on their business plan creating sustainability on a faster rate than their predecessors.Costumer created content is a concept where the users are the ones contributing to the environment of the web. Companies maintain a template and the scalability of the user track.One of this successful Web 2.0 icons is Wikipedia; this is a concept that works when a community of users provide the environment for the content to be sustainable. This is what is called the long tail. This long tail is where the product or service or information is demanded by a large group of people. In case of topics that are followed by a large number of people, lets put Shakira generates a huge amount of people demanding that content.One of the challenges of this model is controlling the quality of this content. So one way is to do moderation from the company and the other is when users do self moderation which means that the same users vote or not for the quality of the information. This example can be clearly seen on sites like Digg where users across the internet will be digging upon the other company.The next point was definition or lack there off of Web 2.0 companies, since some companies has been proven successful that don’t represent the classic web 2.0 like Skype and other VoIP.One thing that has to do with Web 2.0 is the meshup and exchange of information where there are different informations on different applications that exchange with others. Some of these are desktop applications some others are desktop applications and the information get’s published. This is possible thanks to open API that let other services connect to them and enrich the customability of data across the internet.Blogs have been one of the initialization of web 2.0 the concept of Blogs are web journals which are published as a dynamic website but also through services as RSS, XML and Webservices.Going back to the long tail this is a great way to get the functionality that leverage on interactivity of information to generate large amounts of users.this talk remind me on recent talks on