Talking about the LPI


Recently I found a forum that handles open discussions about the LPI. The LPI stands for the Professional Linux Institute. The link is here: exam is granted by companies such as IBM, and they ask to be certified to have a position. I have always like this certification and I am eager to take it. So this talk might be the trigger for me to go and take it. Since I will be having the Red Hat Certification Training soon I will be having this certification as a practice test.Hardware:We skipped hardware. Although the note was about the topics that it will be covered such as modems, devices, usb, memory of the devices.Partitioning:We talk about the different bays of the disk can live and how will it be named as hda on the master and hdb on the slave. The SCSI will go on a recursive mode where the most important will be the last one on the SCSI cable. SCSI will be named as sda sdb and so on.We understand that there are different partitions such as primary and extended. There can only be 4 partitions on the primary and the rest can be on the extended. If for example I got one 500 Gb disk. I will create 3 partitions one swap for 1024, this will be the hda1. One extended of 250 G, the name will be hda2 and a root partition of 50 G and hda3. The extended use the place of a primary, within an extended there reside the logical partitions. Logical partitions are logical partition can either correspond to a file system contained within or indicate the partition has a special use.