More OLPC and Classmate PC


Another thing I’ve been doing lately is an update on the current competition between OLPC XO laptop and the classmate PC from Intel.There was a series of videos up in youtube giving a tour around the Classmate PC. My first impression was the arrogance and just complete clueless of what is being acomplished here.The videos here will show the three parts of a special interview with Intel:I also got the post on my Mugshot about a blogger describing the point and main difference from OLPC vs. the WinTel initiative. The main thing was what he said on:

The fundamental assumption is that institutional control is required for learning. The problem is that each layer is self-serving, which, when coupled with the general purpose nature of the hardware and software, introduces complexity that ultimately perpetuates the need for the hierarchy itself….. The OLPC takes this model and flips it, creating a tool that is a “learner centric” design. The software AND hardware have been designed together, not to be general purpose per se, but to create an environment that promotes exploration and learning.

You can see my comment to his post at his website.