Slow week at work, great week at code

So this week was pretty nice since I decided to submerge on the Python scripts and get a better understanding of it. Not being a Python expert has been a great measure to hold me back on learning the programming of the desired extensions with the web technology to create a new level of integration for the FLOSS application. Basically my goal is to provide a solution to the lack of templates and components that could use if it was given the chance.I also want to sprung the idea of a web aware office suite with opensource services supporting the growth and flexibility to make it more attractive to the users.So my first task was analyzing the scripts that has from Python. These scripts can be found within every installation. Most of my tweaking was donde on the dynamic interpreter from PyUNO or the python implementation of The results and breakdown was put on OOo’s Python wiki page. The next part of the research was specializing on the GUI programming of the PyUNO implementation. For this I used Laurent Godard’s PyXray which is a python implementation of Xray which works as a introspection to the UNO API. This means that it lists all the different  components, modules and elements from UNO giving a description to it.PyXray provides an ideal GUI front end to what my project needs. A template manager that will communicate with template websites and extract the OpenDocument templates and list them and install it for the user.I had some good results from this specially on the GUI space. Basically the interface looks like the following:


This is the Basic version, the Python version divides the content into two panes one for the object and the second for the description of it. The manager that I am thinking would be adjusted to provide the template name on one pane and the template image on the second.