Light’s back to my room

So I am not sure if I mentioned but I was in the dark yesterday. I came back from work and I found my room with no power at all. I was so beat up that I didn’t care and went straight to take a nap. Some how in my dying conscious I hope that when I woke up I will have the electricity back.I woke up around 9.30pm to find out in the pitch black with no electricity at all, I decided that I couldn’t hop online. So I decided to go back to the office and get some internet time at my office. I enjoyed being there, with the lights of the city to my view, and nobody in the whole huge area that is the office space.After a while of downloading podcast and just getting ready to have full battery juice on my PDA and Blackberry, I finally came back to my place to discover a lighten up block except for my street. I spend the rest of the night being on my blackberry for the web surfing and listening to podcasts that I download on my PDA.In the end I enjoy a sexy talk with one of my buddies from yahoo that actually make my night a bit more fun. I finally fell asleep to wake up the next day and find out that the electricity was still off.It wasn’t until tonight at 9pm that I got back from my lug meeting at LinuxCabal that I got into a finally, bright street and buildings. So now I am here but again feel pretty tired and feel like going to bed early tonight too.