2.5 weeks after

Her last email was about 2.5 weeks, 16 days or 386 hours after the last time I knew from her. With a lot of pain I have been waiting for better days where I will see her constantly. But for now only the trace of her past conversations, blog entries, messages, emails, pictures and video. Is true, I have gotten caught up with something that is just not happening and doing this won’t help me ago. Slowly however I have started to get used to her absence. I am still worry for her death silent, but somehow I think that whatever is going to happen it will happen.So right now we had a blackout at my place and I had to walk back to the office to be able to stay online. I have been watching some youtube. I watched some old videos like NAS – Casino like video, Street Dreams. I watch it because yesterday night I spend the night watching some movies and the last one was the original Casino, this was the cause of my late arrival to work.One of the things that get’s me more about my situation with my gf is the sudden announcement this week that I WON’T be going to LA after all. This sucks since well, it just killed the chances of getting to go and see her. Although at the same time I will be mad tripping because she hasn’t even told me where she lives at. If by this time I was in LA, I will be so desperately to take the first plane to where she is at.I really hope things change quick, this Monday is memorial day and I hope she has time to email me. There is no guarantees since probably the library will be closed too. This means that no matter what she wont be able to get online, the other choice was waiting till the month is over so she can at least get a cellphone of her own and send me the text.So exciting week, weekend coming up, I am not feeling on doing anything, I will keep be doing my Linux studying and BASH programming as well as other projects. I guess I need to start coding something fast instead of being blogging :)Oh well, let see how things go, so far, I am chillin right now listening some RnB and hope tonight would be a productive night. Although is 11:45 pm so far and I guess the power is back at my building. I will go back, take a shower and watch some TV, at least I got a couple of podcast on my N770.