The OPAS pain

I don’t usually blog about work related stuff but I think for this particular issue it do deserve a blog. One of the things that I have been cringing at work is this application called OPAS. OPAS stands for Obsolete Painful Anal Solution, and is a business application to create support tickets. We mainly use this to get helps from other groups on potential changes on the servers, network, or just a support ticket.The application on itself is design as you will fill out a form, the application has a desktop version which only works on Windows and a Web front end with heavy AJAX stuff. The application in itself is not that bad, except for the convoluted amount of information and the fact that it doesn’t run on browsers like Opera. But is the process which is actually even more painful. I have problems with something called lead time which is time you need to allocate to make a change, this policy has hit me several times invalidating my tickets.This tickets means that I have to manage many tickets and constantly have them canceled and create new ones with stupid modifications to the form. The problem is that once the ticket is not approved sometimes it doesn’t get canceled. What I mean is that you can’t apply the modification specifically to the form you have to create a NEW one and this starts becoming a pain when there is no tools on how to create this forms.For that reason I think the application is Obsolete since it can’t work on all the browsers, it should have an alternative regular form to it. It is definetly a Pain since there you need to have the tickets pushed forward, Anal because I can’t modify the forms and instead I have to create a pristine one. And a Solution that is most of the time not  one.Sometimes I just want to get the work done but this is the cause of all my disgrace since I am not able to do anything because of OPAS.