Digging into OLPC

So today I actually got into OLPC site once again, it all started when I was bored and download the FOSDEM video about the OLPC. One graph on the presentation of the video woke up my curiosity. It was a map of the earth with each country having different colors, like a rating for each country.
I wanted to download the presentation but failed, so my second choice was going to the website. However I found something better, a wiki of the OLPC project.
So decided to find what this colors actually meant, I start doing some searches for keywords related to ratings which gave me no result. The next step is to search for the country, I did a search for mexico and that gave me a whole profile page and it indeed had the grading.
Now that I saw that I look for the link where you can link up to the grading scale. In this case mexico was a red and there was other colors. The grades were the following:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Gray

With the Green it means they will inmediately adopt Linux, in this countries there were already some interesting countries with not so lagging technical knowledge and with a great pump of technology.

Some other countries that were close to the challenge actually declined adopting linux such as Romania. Mexico, had an interesting stage, it was a ‘Red’ country which means that they might adopt it once is already working.

Interesting question is what will this make to the country waiting a few years. If they adopt it, there is also the challenge from the same government and just administration within the education.

The education ministry has had bad ventures within education and technology, it will be a shame projects such as OLPC get dirty under the bureacratic and corrupted government that can turn a good idea into uselessness.

Recently I read a post about a wikipedia scandal where government officials were deleting and modifiying posts of some of the government projects such as the same Enciclomedia which is an Encarta hooked into more interacting blackboards.

Unfortunately there had been many issues on that way. k