OOoCon 2007 Call for paper Update

It’s been a while since I last wrote about the Conference to be done in Barcelona. At the moment we have some changes and announcements performing and also a new logo.So in a nutshell there has been announced a Call for papers and the small script that takes in the petitions was recently discussed about how to notify the people in the conference. It seems everything is going smoothly so far although the process is not completely automated.There still need to be discussed the current official position about getting the government funds from the Spanish government previously discussed on the IRC meeting.There still need to talk more about the current speakers that will presenting as well as how many people have already sign in.I think is important to have an update meeting on the following topics:

  • Current funds for the conference
  • Status of the Call for paper
  • Marketing kit including videos and more participation on banners (now that we have a logo)
  • Immigration and miscellaneous resources.

So far there has been a good communication but lately this communication has slowed down a bit in my opinion. Even Jesus’s blog has been silent, his last post was done on the 15th of April.