Latin American Social Stagnation


Before I start I want to mention that this is going to be a in the rant category. Unfortunately I have seen that free software has picked up in many latin american countries however usually is either portrait or received as a freeware category. There are many myths in free software but there are also many myths in latin american way of thinking.Usually they are looking to get something for nothing, which is nothing wrong with. But what is usually wrong is the lack of boldness to use the freedom they are trully getting. Many users just don’t feel brave enough to get around the initial limitations. More confident developers feel even worst, instead thinking that is not possible they want to do their own thing.I have seen that at least many Latin Americans don’t want to share their own code or don’t want to integrate to ongoing projects. This is more to do with the mentality of having their own IP (invention) or not at all.This has to do with the lack of skills to work together correctly. They are used on taking a job and running with it, but the situation change when you are part of a group and you need either to specialized without really be specialized into one activity.I am not going to lie, there are a many groups throughout latin america like Linux user groups, however is rare that these groups are a part of a open source project that is not own by them. This makes it a little tough on project to capture developers from this areas. As an leader I have been struggling recruiting developers. A mentoring program has occured however this effort might not be the correct one one I learn to understand the real issues at hand.