So my gf just got to the US about a week ago. However she got to a really country place. That means that everything is spread out and for her situation she doesn’t have a cellphone or an internet connection. This result in serious downtime and I have been think it how to keep in touch with her regardless of the distance. I used to be a free service freak, if the service went for pay I will almost instantly cancel it. However now I earn money and I can re-use this services to solve a problem. This came true when I was facing this situatiom. I remember a service that I onced used on their free format. The service is called UReach and the key thing is that they give you a 1-800 number in the US, this will allow you to have voicemail. However an even more premium service you can forward it to any phone in the world including International.So now my girlfriend is able to call me from any phone on the country at no cost for her.The next problem is how to keep in touch, since she will be working. I will need to make a way she can sms me back and forth. For that I am looking forward to get a phone for her. I was looking to the tracfone. The tracfone will focus on users that want a prepaid service. One of the advantages is that she doesn’t need a credit history in the country or whatever. You can get a prepaid as opposed to a plan without major identification. So for this reason tracfone serves me, also the most important is that is cheap so she can get it and trash it when she is done. She will also be able to just get a card and be able to call me back and forth.