OOoCon 2007 IRC meeting

I am blogging while attending the OOoCon 2007 IRC meeting at The attendance were mainly Jordi, Louis, Jesus, Hirano, Alan from Novel, Rail from the Russian NL and me.So the issues in hand was the sponsorship and the issues with the bank account and the next point have to do with the keynote speakers.Some issues was that even if the Catalonia government got behind the project and support the event with 10, 000 Euros we need a legal representation to sign the contracts and a bank account.We went on some specifics and the update of the contract adjusted to the Spaniard requirements. Some legal knowledge would be necessary.Other sponsors specially internationally are urgently needed since there has been no effort so far. Pulling other Spaniard governments will be helpful. Some conversations on pulling Google, Novell and other A-level sponsors to the table.

I think the meeting went pretty good so far and we could pull in some ideas.

We kept pulling in contacts and companies mainly from past conferences. Some out of the blue companies also might be able to help.We moved on to keynotes, the visible issue is that many speakers don’t know English and translators might be a challenge. Also issues like streaming the conferences and storing the videos. I plugged a bit on the marketing of the event, however it didn’t had much replies. The kenyotes end up being debated between the Catalonian government, Peter Strickx and the Extremadura IT department.Finally Jesus and me spend some time talking about promotion of the event.