Pushing it with the LAMB


So just for fun, I want to implement a LAMB environment, with Linux, Apache, MySQL and BASH. WHAAAAAAT????You would say why BASH? I will say why not… I mean in the end is just a fun project and is pretty cool proving that’s possible. Usually CGI has been disregarded as being insecure and maybe is right. But it will also be nice to geek out like that.So I have been asking around at the irc.freenode.net/mysql and it seems that so far the only way to make inserts is by using the -e tag. Here is some of the syntaxis:$ mysql -uusername -ppassword -e '<SQL instruction>'Then again I also want to learn a bit more about the mysql command line scripts that usually not many people linger because they think MySQL is just for networked connectivity and should only be used with PHP.

  • mysqladmin
  • mysqlshow
  • mysqldump
  • mysqlaccess
  • mysqlimport
  • mysqlmanagerrc
  • many more…

Well I will prove them wrong. 😀