Is a cold war… will we loose the battle?

So recently I have been having some issues with my relationship with Irina. The issues are not of nature of our chemistry or our relationship stirckly but the coniditons that have just gone to a critical point of next to zero communication. Also there is more and more third parties that are continously advising me to end it before it becomes to worn out.This is our second semester of university, I said us because it has been also tough on my part. Freshman years tend to be so hardand also for a high performer like my gf is even harder. Making the transition and the upraise on responsabilities, plus the added tasks of living on your own and dealing with stranger roomate and also the school pressure acumulates to a point that can cripple your past self.Once said that it wil be very hard on my part to also add to the pressure, but like a friend told me, how fair is this relationship from myself at this point. Is it making me happy or is it provoking me pain. And most important, will it be rewarded at the end of the process. All the answers to these questions are very important and will just tell me what decision is the most logical. Sure I love my gf, I will die if I ever get to end it, but the quesiton is if it’s a necesary pain to achieve piece of mind.At the same time I have a self of dutty to keep strong and not back out. We knew things will get tough like now and time will try to break us appart and we will need a lot of conviction to move forward. I will not surrender to the anxiety I feel about not being with her at the same time. I think that I need to take some sort of action in order to improve at least a little more our situation. This relationship can’t be a 1 or a 0, it has to have a level of compromise in order to value it. Even when you are already compromised with something else, u still need to not forget what is your role. I guess there are things that are necesary, and if you lack on them, they will break. Communication is one of those things, and when the interaction drop so hard, the relationship can easily go sour or just dry.I guess this will be one of those times, I will need to be understanding but firm and give her a choice in the matter and let her choose what her attitude and responsabilities are for our future.