Want to learn about computers?

Here is a great post for everyone that want to learn about computers from a very interactive way. Imagine having professor lectures on audio. If you have never touch a computer in the past then I guess this document wont reach your eyes. However if you are savy enough to hop on the internet and stumble upon this page. This note might actually put you on the fastrack to learn them.

So the big secret is what we the geeks call Podcast, you can see podcast as something between audio books, talk radio show, or pre-recorded lectures. Basically people use computers with microphones and talk talk talk, they talk about anything and everything. Then they put this recorded sessions on the internet for people to recieve it and play them on their computers.

This podcasts usually have a themes or topics, this topics go from learning chineese, to learning computers to just have fun, interview people on the street, or share investment tips.

One of my favorite podcasts for computer newbies is Linux Reality, the site is great and easy to navigate.


The site is structure as a strip of sections divided into the title of the show, as well as an abstract and the date that the post happen. Also you are able to download the file at the footer of post.


You can see the green line where I mark where you need to click to download this podcast files. This is the usual way of downloading stuff from the internet however there is another cool way.

If you are a fan of this show you can have the option of automatically get notified about new shows that come up. Usually your browser will have this icon where you can click to subscribe. This will put a Linux Reality mark under the menu Bookmarks which will have the titles listed under the title even when you close the browser and open it again. When you get new entries they will be on bold.


If you think this explanation is a bit too much for you and you want further explanation you can put a comment and I will answer you. I hope you enjoy this podcast since is really a time saver for many listeners.