Why Linux users hate windows

One of the things that many people that use windows and don’t know other OS, usually gets a bit puzzle is sometimes the brutal hatred expresed by people that use other OS. Many people are indeed intrigued by this, some of them get frigten and think they are bigotry.

If we had a ranting linux user on one side and a Windows power user on the other we will see very different pattern in the way of thinking.

The Windows View

Windows users will think that computers ought to be running windows, the line is straight, you just from Windows 98 to Windows ME to Windows XP and to Windows Vista. If you want other non-PC centric technology you have windows CE and then Windows Mobile.

You usually have software that should be in the computer such as microsoft office, internet explorer, windows media. Then we have all this other free downloads that you can install to get up to speed. This include Java, Flash, Acrobat reader etc.

Most windows (and mac) users think the OS is hard-builded with the computer (specially newbies) they dont understand the OS is shiftable, except of course when there is a new version and they have a bridge software usually called ‘upgrade edition’. So they classify the computer environment as Macs and PC.

Recently immortalized on the famous apple commercials:


On this windows-centric world, the channels of distribution are set, windows users get their software either from websites or from stores. They have an installer CD or an installer file and it go through a window that will ask for information and install on their computer. After that they will see the application on the menu and they will be on their machines.

The Linux View

Most linux users were windows users at one point, however they were driven into linux for many reasons. One was the challence, other was the mouth to mouth recomendation. Another was that it was require for a lesson in college, other was that they find out that linux doesnt cost any money and all the software on top is also without any cost.

More mature linux users learn that there were difference in this aspect and even thought it is true most people start having an understanding that this is something completly different. They start seeing this is more like a social computing experiment where there is a community and that usually you have to communicate with people in order to improve yourself, this is when they learn the community.

When this Linux users look back into the windows world they found a cold, frivolous and intolerant world. They also see a lot of people with very limited view of what technology really is, they look more like droids that are guided by 1 company. That is when they start looking at this giant monolitic company and usually making smoke screen, cheats, and bullying to hold back from people realizing there is technology outside of their world.

This is when the hate really start, when they see people being unable to figure out the world outside of windows. When they see the constant issues that this OS present yet the users don’t really seem to realize. They just think this is the way that the machine works.

From then on is a constant frustration from the manufacturers not supporting anything else than windows, government making rulings based that there is only one OS. This sentiment is usually shared and start growing as more and more people get organized around the world and launch campaing against a monocultural digital world.

This is only an abstract of what I have seen as an ex-Windows power user running into Linux several years ago and completely moving to Linux and getting good every day now.